Nova Williwau


«Conceived by a star, birthed by the earth.
Forged by the wind that separates its parents».

Nova Williwau is a small floating citadel above the Opal Plains. The population dwelling among its wooden structures is half students and researchers in science and physics, and half artisans and crafters, experts in the design of the complex mechanical systems that allow for the scientific miracle of levitation, the secret behind windy floating cities.

Nova has a lively central district, filled with monuments and lush greenery, a symbol of the wealth for the lucky few who live there. Most of the population lives closer to the edge of the citadel, in suburbs where factories and academies flourish. And finally, the sailport harbors a number of merchant and tourist caravels: a majestic place, vibrating with wind and contributing to the city’s modest but solid economy.

« The Aster » – The Heart of the City

A citadel within the citadel, the aster is the unmistakable crossroads of Nova. A multitude of snaking walkways weaves between colorful wooden buildings, symbols of wealth and eccentricity. The “Pride” of Nova, this neighborhood gathers all the monuments and witnesses to its history: etchings, statues, and old palaces eroded by time and wind. Indeed, the Aster is swept by the wind of time, carrying a scent of mystery and life, because this is the place for commerce, music and street entertainment. As it blows, the breeze whispers to the city walls that time never stops its relentless rush.


«The Strata» – The Halls of Knowledge

Nova Williwau’s raison d’être are the Strata, whose role in city history can’t ever be overstated: this is the gathering-place for the world of academia, industry, and craftsmanship. The researchers and engineers that set up shop in this neighborhood were the ones who allowed the city to take to the skies, where it now floats above the Opal plains and coastlines. The Strata take up the majority of Nova’s surface, surrounding the Aster, rivaled only by Port Aerie, which is on the underside of the citadel. The Strata house several buildings dedicated to science and study, sometimes with bizarre façades, a testimony to the audacity of the “skyward architects”. The wise, steady hand at the helm of this caste is the Chairman of Sciences, whose position is undoubtedly at the top of Nova’s social hierarchy.


«Port Aerie» – The link between Earth and Sky

Behind the light-sounding name of “Aerie” hides Nova Williwau’s sailport. Its altitude and geographical location keep waterbound vessels from calling here, of course: the harbor’s many docks are reserved for flying caravels. Like a majestic lung, Port Aerie breathes life into the city by fostering trade with the world outside, bringing in wares from windy regions and still lands alike.

What makes this neighborhood unique is its singular position: it hangs below Nova’s underbelly. From Port Aerie, visitors can admire the marvel of carpentry and engineering that Nova Williwau really is: wooden ramparts, massive scaffolding… One can literally walk through the city’s entrails, which the locals nickname “Nova’s Breaths”, traversing them from side to side as if they were the innards of a Leviathan.

Contributed by Artemis of Nova, wandering storyteller and Seeker of dreams.