The Linecasters

The ricefield highlands of the Etched Cliffs are the domain of the Linecasters. On the coast of the Sea of Clouds, this tribe (one of the few still acknowledged by windy governments) has for generations cultivated the art of cloud-taming. Through a secret set of practices, each Linecaster knows how to bind a little patch […]

Nova Williwau


«Conceived by a star, birthed by the earth.Forged by the wind that separates its parents». Nova Williwau is a small floating citadel above the Opal Plains. The population dwelling among its wooden structures is half students and researchers in science and physics, and half artisans and crafters, experts in the design of the complex mechanical […]

Auster Abbey


Founded exactly 329 years ago by abbess Narbelia of Auster, the Abbey overlooks the Great Northern Delta from the mountains. The Splinter Pass, which allows access to the area from the South, leads down to the road to Eskir the Westerly. The Abbey’s position is ideal, because an entire wall of its austere architecture opens […]

Manganese Cafe

Manganese Cafe is a must-see for every tourist coming from the Still Lands.Located in the windy city of Avail Valley, the jewel in the crown of the grand plaza of the Helix neighborhood, the Cafe has been welcoming barons and intellectuals from all around the world for more than two hundred years. Built by Demen […]

Silent Iznir

Iznir is like many other Still cities: careful and silent. It is so careful and silent that most people whisper its name, rather than speak it. As swarms of insects and small rodents run perpetually along its streets, one might think it has been abandoned by human beings. And yet, the careful observer will notice […]

The Consortium Tower

The seat of the Alabaster Consortium is commonly nicknamed “The Tower”, for the tall spire jutting out from the heart of the bizarre architectural complex. It is often the only building visible from afar on foggy days. Located in central Eskir, the Tower is the headquarters of the Alabaster Consortium. The exact floorplan of the […]