What is this?

The Floating Archives are a repository of knowledge, art, and experience built to support the epistolary roleplaying game On the Way to Chrysopoeia. They are a resource for players, with snippets of people, places, legends, real and imaginary science, and everything else that could enrich a journey towards Chrysopoeia.

Everyone can contribute to the Archives, sharing their game experiences to help other players find inspiration.

The Archives are still under construction. Watch their shelves be filled with magic, little by little, day after day.

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On the Way to Chrysopoeia: an epistolary game for two

A Master alchemist sends their Disciple off to explore the World All Around, a land where wind has become the driving force of progress. United by an extraordinary quest, Master and Disciple walk together in spite of the distance that keeps them apart, facing the hardships of a journey in search of arcane secrets. On their way to Chrysopoeia, the mythical city of knowledge.

On the Way to Chrysopoeia is an epistolary roleplaying game for two alchemists, designed to bring magic back to the mundane. With the help of a camera or a cellphone, the sights of everyday life become the heart of an exchange of letters between two explorers, transmuted into the special ingredients of a great work of alchemy.

Photographs, sketches, notes… With just a little imagination, two alchemists work together on a real and imaginary travel journal.

renard marion

The Quill: Morgane Reynier

Morgane Reynier is an independent designer. Depending on the weather she is sometimes an author, sometimes a storyteller, sometimes a poet and always a gamer. Based close to Paris, she is a game master and in love with travel accounts. Chrysopoeia was born from this all, somewhere on the path of dreams.

oiseau marion

The Brush: Marion Bulot

Marion Bulot is a concept artist, illustrator, and the art director of the animated series Runes. She has put all her talent into Chrysopoeia. A travel guide would be nothing without the sketches and dreams of travelers: Marion’s colors transmuted this notebook into nothing short of an explorer’s journal.

The Interpreter: Chiara Locatelli

Chiara Locatelli is a professional escapist as well as a language enthusiast. So much so that she never stopped studying languages and has been translating dozens of games. Without her, Chrysopoeia would not have travelled outside the borders of France.

boussole marion

The Architect: Oscar Biffi

Oscar Biffi loves storytelling in all its forms. He reads, writes and sells books from his independent bookshop in Bergamo, taking care of them from inception to print. He has curated the international editions of Chrysopoeia with love and care from the depths of his labyrinth, NessunDove.